Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Mr Sheppard (Year Head) 6S, Miss Falkenburg 6SF, Miss Ford 6F , and Mr Khan 6K  welcome you to Year 6!
Year 6 brings a lot of new opportunities for our pupils as it is their final year at Elmhurst. They can take on responsibilities such as Head Boy, Head Girl or Prefect, enjoy a residential trip to Fairplay House, work towards achieving well in their KS2 SATs examinations, look forward to an entertaining end of year production and celebrate all of their primary school achievements in our final Leavers' Assembly. 
We have a great year ahead with varied subjects to study.  Below are some of the many exciting topics pupils will be learning in the Autumn Term.
Mathematics: Pupils will begin by focusing on number and the four operations using Maths No Problem.
Literacy: In reading lessons, Year 6 will explore and interpret texts from our Take One Book reading scheme, starting with Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocenti and Once by Morris Gleitzman. In writing lessons, pupils will study the genre of discussion texts, and we look forward to finding out more about our pupil's interests and what issues they want to explore when they undertake their own written projects.
Science: Year 6 will be deepening their understanding of light, exploring how light travels and we see colour. Building upon their knowledge of how light is reflected, they will even have the opportunity to create their own periscopes! 
History: Pupils will investigate and interpret the trans-Atlantic slave trade, covering themes such as the beneficiaries of slavery, forms of resistance and the legacy of the slave trade.
D & T: Making links to trade in history, pupils will develop their own tea products. Pupils will begin by tasting a variety of different teas in order to better understand what flavours they wish to blend together.  Following this pupils will seek to understand product development; from idea inception all the way through to product development and marketing.
Computing: Year 6 will have the opportunity to code their very own game on Scratch.
We can't wait to see our new Year 6s rise to these challenges in their final year at Elmhurst!​​

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