At Elmhurst we believe that school trips are an essential part of a child’s education and as such we try to provide a variety of opportunities for children to have a broad range of experiences.

Alongside our usual day trips to central London locations such as the British Museum, London Zoo, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum (to name just a few), we arrange trips to the seaside in the summer term for every year group each year. The children always love the day, even if it does often rain!


Fair Play House

We offer an annual week-long trip to Fair Play House in Essex for up to 60 of our Year 6 pupils during the Autumn Term. This is a wonderful opportunity for the teachers to get to know the children and for the children to challenge themselves. During this week the children learn to work together, participate in brilliant activities and develop their independence. It is always an amazing experience.

Paris Trip

For a number of years we have run a trip to Paris for 18 pupils in Year 4. This trip aims to improve language skills.

Art Trip

Our annual Art Residential has taken place in such cities as Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Amsterdam and Venice. 18 lucky pupils are chosen to attend and work with art consultant Andrew Mutter before, during and after trip. His expertise always results in incredible pieces of work! This year our pupils will be going to Venice!

Poetry Retreat

The Poetry Retreats have become a staple part of our Year 5 curriculum at Elmhurst. These residential visits - which we run along with other schools from our local and collaborative school networks - allow our students the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, to hone their writing and develop their self-expression.

The poetry retreats are an opportunity for selected pupils to become real writers, in locations such as the New Forest and the South Downs. Children are chosen for a combination of academic and pastoral reasons, and they represent our school brilliantly.

For many children, this is their first residential visit away from home, and it proves to be a transformative chance to learn more about themselves, about nature and about what it means to be a poet.

The Poetry Retreats are led and facilitated by Jonny Walker, a former Elmhurst teacher, and Adisa the Verbaliser, a performance poet extraordinaire. Children write together and contribute towards an anthology which is then published.

If you want to see what the children have written in previous years, why not check it out in the library or in Ms Samra's office?

The poetry retreats had to take a break due to COVID-19, but we are now planning for our next visit to take place in May 2022, with the other schools in our New Vision Trust family.

And you can check out a little film about the retreats here.


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