Head Boy and Head Girl

Our Head Boy and Head Girl 2022/2023 would like to introduce themselves

Head Girl: Ridhima 


Who am I?  I am a non judgemental and open minded person who you can come to with any issues you need solving.

You may not know this about me but I went to the Poetry Retreat in Year 5 and I loved having the opportunity to learn more poetry; being with new people and learning  more about the teachers.

Why I wanted to become Head girl: I wanted to be Head Girl because I want this school to be recognised as a place which is safe and I want Elmhurst to be the number one school in Newham.

My Vision for Elmhurst: I want to change the social and environmental communities between the teachers, pupils and visitors. I also want to solve issues that have affected this school so that it’s a place we are proud of.


 Head Boy : Tahmid 

Who am I? I am an approachable and friendly person who anyone can come to for
problems and company as well as feeling safe with me.

You may not know this about me but I love debating! Something I have in common with the Head Girl!

Why I wanted to become Head boy: I wanted to be Head Boy because I knew I would be able to change the school and the mindset for the children.

My Vision for Elmhurst: I want to change the minds of all the children. I am really excited to help inspire every child to learn. I want to make sure pupils feel like Elmhurst is a safe space to learn and a place where they feel included and can be themselves.


Our head boy and head girl have one quote they wish to share with you all: ‘We may be little seeds but we have big dreams.’