Food Bank 15/07/22

Dear Families,

We will be holding the next Elmhurst Food Bank to help our families in need on Friday 15th July 2022 at 3:30pm near the school theatre. It will be signposted on the day. 

This will be a school community food bank, so we are relying on donations from within our school community. We are hoping to receive enough food donations before the day.

Food donations

To ensure that we have enough of each staple item and not too many of some things, we have put together a list of items that we would like each year group to donate. Please check the list below for your child's year group. We are asking for those of you who can, to donate from the suggested items for your child's year group. We are, of course, grateful for any contribution and if you are only able to donate items from another year group's list, that's absolutely fine. Please donate if you can!

Please check that the items you are donating have a good shelf life and that they will not be expiring soon.

Please send your donated items with your child to their class teacher in the mornings. The food items will be collected from the classes and stored.

​Year group

​ food to donate:


​Lentils and/or tinned vegetables


​Rice (preferably Basmati rice) and/or oil

​Year 1

​Tinned fruit and/or lentils

​Year 2

​Cereal (healthy option please) and/or pasta

​Year 3

​Chopped tomatoes and/or baked beans

​Year 4

​Chapatti flour and/or rice (preferably Basmati rice)

​Year 5

​Chapatti flour and/or tinned sweetcorn

​Year 6

​Oil and/or toothpaste


Who can use this food bank?

If you qualify for Free School Meals, Pupil Premium or have already been identified as being in need, you automatically qualify for this food bank. Please do come along and make use of this offer. If you are unsure whether you qualify, but feel that you are in need, please speak to the school office.

We are also collecting warm clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, T-shirts, hygiene items, socks, shoes, blankets, trousers and coats for refugees and the homeless (mostly adults). These items can be brought in by your child in the mornings and will be collected from the classrooms regularly. Please kindly donate any clean items of clothing which are in good condition, so they can be passed on to a local charity.

You can drop off food items and clothes at the school office and place them under the reception area table. They will be collected daily.

We really appreciate your support and generosity.