Welcome to Elmhurst Nursery

Dear Parents,

Please take a look at our slide show "A day in early years". This is a peep into some of the provision we offer our children in early years. As you will see and hear, our children at Elmhurst enjoy learning and love their school!


Our Nursery teachers are Ms Holloway ( EYFS Coordinator) Yellow class ,Miss Bradley and Miss Hills .

The Early Years Curriculum is built around 4 basic themes: a unique child, positive relationships, learning and development and enabling environments. At Elmhurst we value these themes and want to support each child from their starting points. We know all children are different and believe that good communication with parents and carers is key to a supportive relationship between nursery and home.

We plan for and assess teaching, learning and development closely, keeping our children's' interests in mind, and provide rich learning opportunities for all children to learn and progress.

Our Nursery environment has a beautiful landscaped garden and excellent provision and resources that all children find inspiring and exciting.

But above all we passionately believe that every child is a competent learner who can be resilient, capable, confident and self assured. With good adult support all children can excel and most of all, enjoy their time at Nursery.


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