Year 6 Theatre Trip: 'Where Is Victor?'

Year 6 had a thought-provoking and moving day at Redbridge Drama Centre in South Woodford last week. The year group watched the very emotional and impactful play 'Where is Victor?', a play by Lenna Rosenberg depicting the journey of a Jewish child survivor who endures the Warsaw ghetto. 

After the play, the children spent time exploring an exhibition on the Holocaust which included artwork and poetry from previous school participation, a performance of student poetry and power point presentations. The children were then prompted to reflect on their experience of the play and the exhibition through either a writing or an art workshop. 

The day was a valuable opportunity to learn about the life of a Jewish child survivor, as well as reflecting on the play's vital message about treating everyone with respect, kindness and dignity at all times in our daily lives- from the playground, to the classroom and beyond.  

Take a look at the pictures below of the children engaging in writing, performing their poetry and making artwork.

The children composed poetry based on what they learnt from the play and the Holocaust exhibition. The children attempted to captured the complex, mixed emotions felt by many when World War II ended. 


Showing one of our five Cs, the children displayed courage when sharing their writing with a group in one of the workshop rooms. 


There were valuable opportunities to take feedback on their writing from the workshop facilitators.  

During the art workshop, the children had to confront difficult images and thought (albeit in an age-appropriate and supported manner).

We would like to thank Redbridge Drama Centre for hosting a thought-provoking, challenging and memorable trip. The day provided valuable opportunities to think about the importance of harmony, peace and appreciating differences.