The Iliad Project

Pupils in Year 5 explore some of the world’s oldest literature in fresh and lively ways 21/22. 

For the second year, all classes are taking part in The Iliad Project, learning about Greek mythology, classical poetry and the story of the Trojan War. This runs along side out Literacy unit on Prometheus and Pandora and links to our History topic on the Ancient Greeks later in the year.The sessions include a mix of literature study, drama and philosophical enquiry, and there are some very strange things going on.

We are learning why the Titan Cronus ate his children. We are exploring how an apple could change history. We are wondering why so many men in mythology are so annoying! This project is being led by Jonny Walker on Tuesdays this term, and our friends at Vicarage, Gallions and Nelson will be doing it too.

This means that with our ambitious approach to English, our children have the right to explore these important stories, combine them with stories from our own cultures, and be a part of the age-old traditions of the storyteller.

And there are also wigs. Lots of wigs. Why not ask a Year 5 pupil what they are learning?


22/23 update:

Illiad: Students in Year 5 have been filling their heads with some of the most ancient stories, in the Iliad Project. All classes are learning the story of the Trojan War, as told in Homer’s epic poem ‘The Iliad’, written nearly 3,000 years ago.

In the project, we learn what the Greeks believed about how the world began, before launching into a half-term of storytelling. Students take on roles, acting out the story and bringing it to life in our classrooms.

And not only that, the project gives us a chance to philosophise, to build up our confidence as performers, and to reflect on our own lives.

Congrats to Y5 for a brilliant start, and keep it up in the second half of the project.