Family Support

Letter request

We have recently had a large volume of calls requesting reference/status letters for children, to confirm attendance at our school. We now have a form which parents can complete to make a letter request. Please note, the school policy for completing letter requests is 2 working days. You will be contacted by a member of the office team when your letter is ready for collection.

Click on the link below to complete a letter request form. 

The Newham Food Alliance

The Newham Food Alliance is an open collaboration, supported by Newham council, working to assist residents who are experiencing financial challenges that are preventing them from getting the food they need.

If you are isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms, or have been told to by NHS Test and Trace, you will need to stay home and not leave the house for 10-14 days.

During this period, you should order groceries and food to be delivered, or have friends and family bring you food. Anyone delivering food to you should leave it outside your door and stand more than 2 metres away from the door or leave before you open the door.

If you are unable to access food through delivery, friends, or family during your period of isolation you can request a food parcel for two weeks by completing the Newham Food Alliance form.

Click here to refer yourself or someone you know to the Newham Food Alliance:

Chat Newham – Befriending

We realise that COVID-19 and isolation can be lonely and stressful. Talking to others is an important part of making sure that we are looking after our health and wellbeing.

Chat Newham is a service provided by The Renewal Project, our voluntary sector partners, and gives you the chance to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, any questions you have about COVID-19, or just to have a chat.

You can call Chat Newham at 0808 196 3510. The line is open 10am-4pm, weekdays.

Newham CAMHS Workshops

For any families with children in Newham. Parents/carers can sign up to any workshops they are interested in. These are:

    • Managing anger (24th November 2020)
    • Managing my mood (9th December 2020)
    • Managing worries (13th January 2021)
    • Parenting and self-care (24th February 2021)
    • Managing Arguments (10th March 2021)
    • Bullying (24th March 2020)

Council tax

If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax due to the Coronavirus pandemic please contact Council Tax and Benefits on 020 8430 2000. If your income has changed you may well be eligible for Council Tax Support which will pay up to 90% of your Council Tax. If you already claim Council Tax support please tell them about the change using the online change of circumstances found on the Council’s website. If you do not currently have a claim for Council Tax support you can make a claim online. If you need help with making a claim or advice, the Council Tax staff will quickly help you make a claim for this and can discuss payment holidays or even hardship grants towards outstanding Council Tax. Please don’t wait for your account to go into arrears before contacting them. We want to help support you in these difficult times.

Rent payments/mortgage holiday

If you are having difficulty paying your rent due to the Coronavirus pandemic, please visit  Making a Benefit Claim pages on the Council’s website. This will help direct you to the right agency to deal with your claim. If you have an existing claim for Housing Benefit and your income has changed please visit the Benefits – Tell us about a Change page and complete the online change of circumstances form. If you need help or advice please contact Council Tax and Benefits on 020 8430 2000 and their staff will be able to help you.

If you are a house owner and unable to keep up with mortgage payments then please get in touch with the provider and ask about a mortgage holiday of up to 3 months. Do be aware that this will result in additional interest being added after this period.

I know that there is already anxiety about the virus and its possible spread and you are all doing an excellent job of looking after your children and keeping the family safe, happy and educated. The staff, governors and members of the PTA at Elmhurst are here to support you through this time. If you would like to discuss something privately then please do email the school office at and please direct the email enquiry at a specific member of staff. 

It is important that we all feel connected as a school community.

Other Support Available

Contact details for food banks and other Newham support services can be found in this document: COVID-19 Support for Newham Families

Further information about Elmhurst's Safeguarding arrangements during closure can be found on the poster below, please click on the poster for more information.