Anti -Bullying Week

Anti -Bullying Week 2022

This year's theme of anti-bullying week has been to 'Reach Out' and let people know if you yourself are being bullied or if you think someone else is experiencing bullying.

The children have learnt about this through assemblies and lessons in which they've explored the difference between bullying, being mean or rude; what roles are involved in incidents of bullying and how to help in these situations, rather than becoming part of the problem. Children enjoyed role playing what they would do to prevent and act on an incident of bullying, as well as coming up with strategies to support others who are going through this. We launched our anti-bullying policy to them, reiterating what bullying is; the steps they should take to respond to bullying and what to expect from staff if they are involved in someway. Importantly, they learnt more about cyber-bullying and how to deal with it.

Finally, the children completed a survey to express their own views on how they feel in their school day, which should give some insight on how we can help them to feel even more comfortable and secure in school.