Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our teachers are Farzana Ahmed (Year Head) 1FA , Miss Cowley 1C, Mrs Ajeti 1A and Ms  Haddad 1H.

We are committed and passionate about children's learning and development. Our aim is to ensure children have a smooth transition to Year one while building on their learning from reception. Our focus in Year one is to develop a strong foundation for learning and allow their curiosity to flourish. Year one is the beginning of more focused written work and although it's always hard for the children's transition from Reception, we believe that with hard work, patience and dedication we can make that transition easier. We are very proud of our children and amazed by all that they have achieved so far. 


In Year One, we love to read exciting stories. We want to foster a love of reading in every class and this is why we have lots of different books hand picked for the children to enjoy.  Every day, the children enjoy and listen to a story read by their teacher while they tuck in to a healthy snack.  

Your child will also visit the library every week and bring home an RWI book. Please ensure you read daily with your child so their reading and fluency can improve.

Every pupil in year one will have the opportunity to join their class reading challenge. We have selected 20 quality texts and if pupils can read them all by the end of the year, they will receive a special certificate in assembly. They will have a chance to change their reading challenge book weekly and will be expected to answer questions about the story to show that they have understood it.


In Maths, we will be focusing on our Number bonds. We use the ten frame and the whole part model to learn our number bonds. We will be looking at all the different number bonds to ten before moving onto addition and subtraction. For eg. Children will learn 1+4= 5, 2+3= 5 and so on. 

Autumn Term

We have organised some exciting trips for our children in year one. 

In Science, we are learning about animals and the human body. To enrich this learning, we will be visiting Paradise Wildlife Park, where children will have the opportunity to see many of the animals we learn about, and explore different types of animals. We will also be making regular visits to West Ham park to observe the changing seasons. 

In History this term we are learning all about castles. The children became creative and made some incredible castles during their summer holiday. We will be learning about the different rooms in a castle, the people who lived there and their roles, as well as visiting the Tower of London.

In RE this term we will be learning about Sikhism. As part of their learning, we will be taking children to a local Gurdwara. Here children will have the opportunity to see what happens in a Gurdwara and hear what Sikh life is like from a priest. 


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