Our pupils are the future and it is our responsibility to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to flourish in the world they live in. To become active, global citizens, pupils in Elmhurst Primary School develop an impassioned, informed and critical understanding of the world around them through study of local and global environments, natural and human processes, intercultural understanding as well as life-long mapping skills. We also prioritize the teaching of environmental issues such as the Climate Crisis, deforestation and plastic pollution which are not statutory requirements of the National Curriculum but something we deem vital to develop young citizens that will develop a sense of optimism about their ability to enact social and environmental change in a time where intervention is needed for a sustainable future. 


All units are carefully planned to ensure the children are taught the skills and content for their age range. Each year, children progressively learn more about the UK as well as a contrasting place in another country/continent. Mapping has three strands. The first is the focus of locating places using atlases. The second strand is building in skills of map reading including symbols, grid referencing, compass directions and following a map in practical activities. The third strand is using maps to make judgements and understand human or physical processes.

Special Events

The teaching of Geography goes beyond the unit plans. Every year a cross-curricular week is planned which enriches the school curriculum on different topics such as a bee awareness project or ‘Escape to the Park’ week where children practiced different fieldwork skills.

Every year, Year 5 children have the opportunity to be part of the Newham Geography Bee which focuses on core knowledge and map reading skills. We are yet to become champions but always reach the final and hope one day to be crowned the winners.

At Elmhurst we are part of the British Council Zero Waste Global learning Project where we have partnered with Obisa Primary School in Kenya. This is a long-term partnership to promote global learning and tackle climate action in the form of waste management. This is an incredible opportunity for pupils to learn from other children globally, form leadership skills when carrying out projects and develop a critical global awareness. Miss Robinson and Mr Ahmed were fortunate to visit Obisa Primary School in 2020.

The Eco Garden is used for the purpose of growing plants and there is a club for children to help the on-going up-keep of it. 

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