Welcome to Elmhurst Primary School

Headteacher - Mr Shahed Ahmed OBE
CEO and Executive Headteacher - Mr Shahed Ahmed OBE

We would like to warmly welcome you to our school. We are a large outstanding primary school in Newham. We care passionately about our children’s education and go the extra mile to help every child reach their full potential. This is reflected in our high SATs exam results.

Our staff are highly committed to teaching stimulating and engaging lessons, concentrating on making sure that children acquire all basic skills, as well as stretching every child with our rich curriculum.

We take groups of children every year to European cities on art residential visits. Our children perform Shakespeare’s plays in local theatres. We train all our children in debating skills and have great success in regular regional competitions. We pride ourselves in our specialist sport and music provision. Our school environment is very smart with a large number of challenging climbing structures.

We teach our children good manners and encourage them to contribute to society by taking part in charity fund raising.

Sukwinder Samra MBE, Headteacher

We provide a variety of after school classes and clubs. We also have free tutoring after school or on Saturday mornings for any child that needs it, to make sure that no child slips through the net.

We are pleased to have formed a Multi-Academy Trust (New Vision Trust) with three other local schools. We working collaboratively with our MAT schools to ensure that our provision for our pupils, staff and local community is of the highest quality. We are also a National Maths Hub - a centre of excellence for mathematics and a DfE English Hub. 

For more information about the London North East Maths hub or New Vision English Hub please click the links below.


Strategic Development Priorities for 2021-2022

  • Implement the intended curriculum and evaluate its impact  with specific focus on:
    • The foundation Curriculum and science/computing
    • Improving assessment and feedback in all subjects
    • Promoting Equality and diversity
  • Improve the provision for vulnerable pupils through effective planning, assessment and enrichment opportunities. Vulnerable is defined as: SEND, PP, LAC, No Recourse Public Funds, CP, Medical needs, Mental Health, Lowest 20%, Attendance.
  • Embed the maths recovery curriculum, focusing on fluency and arithmetic as well as assessment in mathematics.
  • Develop our literacy curriculum to include Writing for Pleasure principles, explicit teaching of reading comprehension and an ongoing focus on Reading for Pleasure. Ensure school is a language rich environment for our pupils where standard English is modelled and they develop a wide vocabulary and the confidence to express their ideas.