Welcome to Reception

Please take a look at our slide show "A day in early years". This is a peep into some of the provision we offer our children in early years. As you will see and hear, our children at Elmhurst enjoy learning and love their school!

This year, our teachers are - Ms Vadher (Year Head ) class 3 , Ms Watson Class 5, Ms Muller Class 1 and Ms Roland class 2 

In Reception we understand how early years education plays a vital role in children's overall development and learning and so we help children to develop their curiosity and knowledge in a fun way through play-based activities.  It is through play that children learn to develop skills, such as language, emotional, creativity, social and intellectual. It is from here that they practise new ideas, take risks, show imagination and solve problems on their own or with others.
We value play and strive to inspire children with enthusiasm and a love of learning by creating a high quality, rich, stimulating and enabling learning environment that will capture pupils attention and lead to independent exploration.  We are very lucky to have such amazing outdoor provision where children learn to play with each other, develop their friendships and take responsibility for setting up and tidying at the end of every day. We are very proud of our children and amazed by all that they have achieved so far. We believe that they can only get better.

We appreciate the input that parents have in their children's learning and we are trying to extend opportunities for this to occur within school and at home. We have lots of upcoming events, so be sure to check them out!

In Reception we love reading and listening to stories. We are working really hard to learn all our sounds to help us read. We also have a phonic workshop for parents starting soon after the October half term. We will update our page with dates once events are confirmed and also upload pictures so you can see what we are getting up to. 

​We look very much forward to working with you and are excited about the year ahead!

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