Sports day 2020-21

Sports Days

The first sports day of 2020-21, took place on Monday 21st June for years 3 and 4 and just like with Wimbledon and the summer test matches we were disrupted by rain.  However, in true Elmhurst fashion, we did not let this dampen our spirits and instead ran the same events in the school halls and playground.  It turned out to be a fantastic day that the children enjoyed thoroughly.  One of the standout athletes was Dhanvi from 3R who won medals in both speed bounce and skipping.



Three days later, it was time for year 5 and 6 sports day and thankfully, the sun was shining.  As we have been limited on the school trips we could offer this year, it was so pleasing to see the children having fun in West Ham Park. A special mention must go to Dinika in 5F who won a total of 5 medals.  What an amazing achievement and I am sure we have a future athlete on our hands.


A week later, we returned to West Ham Park for year 1 and 2 sports day.  Once again, it was just lovely to be in the park, watching all the children take part and giving their all.  Jevion in 2K won gold medals in both speed bounce and javelin proving that we have some skilled athletes coming through key stage 1 and this certainly bodes well for our school in the future.


Last but by no means least, we held reception and nursery sports days at school.  Reception class 5 had clearly been practicing the egg and spoon race. I even had to check Miss Vadher had not sneaked some Blue Tac into the sports hall to give her class an advantage. All the nursery children performed admirably and I was struck by how they all took part, even when tackling Mr Ben’s scary obstacle course.  The children were sensible, very polite and listened carefully to instructions, what a great year group.


I am incredibly sorry that parents were not able to attend sports days this year but I want to offer my sincere thanks for not attending even though this must have been very difficult.  I hope that next year we can welcome you all back so you better start practicing for the parent’s race. 

Mr Sheppard and Mr Ben