Year 5

Important updates

Welcome to Year 5! Miss Robinson, the Year Head, is excited to be working with her team which includes Miss Sheth, Miss Reed, Mr Razza, Mr Aspden and support staff.

Below are some of the many exciting things pupils are engaged in throughout the Autumn Term.

Mathematics: Children are developing their of place value with numbers up to one million! Pupils follow the enriching 'Maths No Problem' curriculum while we've also initiated the Times Tables Rockstars.

We look forward to continuing the success of the children’s’ times tables knowledge from last year.

Literacy: Children are exploring stories from different cultures. We are focusing on stories from China and the children will be writing a new adventure for Mai-Ling (a girl from a village who was chosen to fight a dragon).

Science: Pupils are learning about changing states of materials for example when water and flour are mixed. They will complete an independent investigation on dissolving!

History: Children have been very excited to begin their journey through Ancient Egypt. The summer projects have been amazing and the children are bursting with knowledge already.

Geography: We are focusing on mapping skills as part of the Ancient Egyptian Unit. Children are learning to map countries on blank world maps and using geographical vocabulary to describe where a country is.

D&T: Linking the unit to the ancient Egyptians in history, pupils are producing papyrus paper. They are also practicing their sketching skills and are using charcoal to create hieroglyphics.

French: Our pupils are developing their confidence speaking and writing French with our carefully planned units. For now the chidlrne are revising simple introductions before moving on to describing their families. Next term the children will be writing their very own French story!

ECAM: Our students continue with ‘Every Child is a Musician’ scheme. Once a week, children are learning to play a kooky array of instruments - trumpet, viola or clarinet - receiving lessons from professional musicians.

Computing: Using Scratch, pupils work collaboratively to produce their own game. In doing so, pupils develop their understanding of coding.

Swimming: there has been a mixture of excitement and nerves at starting swimming lessons but the children have been very sensible and eager to learn a new, valuable skill. 5RS go swimming on Monday while 5ER goes on Friday.



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