'Poetry by Heart' Competition

This year, Elmhurst Primary School entered the national ‘Poetry by Heart’ competition. Students from all around the country were invited to choose, learn and perform a poem off by heart from a specially selected shortlist. Our school submitted multiple entries and we have recently received the delightful news that Neev, Hari and Neel, from 5W, have reached the final of this prestigious competition! 


Their incredible hard work has meant they will get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform their poem at the spectacular Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and to enjoy poetry and drama live in performance before the grand finale announcement of the Poetry By Heart National Champions. The event is a celebration of all the young people's wonderful achievements in the competition this year. Our school's representation at this event is a testament to our students’ creativity, dedication and enthusiasm for learning. 


A huge well done to our three finalists - your school and community are wishing you the best of luck in the final!


Ms White