Parent Teacher Association

Last week the PTA met and listened to the candidates for the chair position of the PTA. We had two committed candidates and we are very thankful to both Addeel and Junaid for kindly putting themselves forward for the role.

We would like to congratulate Addeel Khan who has been elected the PTA chair for this academic year. We look forward to seeing the PTA thrive and becoming even more established in its second year, under Adeel’s leadership, working closely with the school.

Our next meeting is on 5th February at 9.10am in the training rooms. We will be discussing the plan for the year ahead, including expressing an interest in other PTA roles, as well as focusing on specific activities such as the Christmas Fair. New members are always welcome.

Minutes PTA meeting                                                                                                                           Wednesday 5th February 2020         

  • Deputy chair to be elected this term by the PTA and SLT (senior leadership team) via ParentMail.
  • In order to access the parent’s noticeboard Ms. Shaw to speak to Tomas, our new site manager, to move the large plant pot in front of it.
  • Reminder to let parents know about the SRE consultation meeting, review what room it will be held in as large number of parents expected to attend.
  • Shaw to send out form for PTA to review meeting times that suit current members.
  • Whatsapp group to be set up with core members of the PTA to communicate more often when organising events. Strict terms and conditions to be established and made clear to members.
  • Sport relief will be taking place with events happening between March 9th -13th. Ideas are being discussed between the PTA, school council, all students, Ms. Shaw, Mr. Purdie and Mr. Ben.  Some ideas:
  1. Sponsored walk/run with families
  2. Each year group to have a different sponsored activity
  3. Healthy bake sale (collaboration with baking group and students)
  4. Juice and fruit kebabs for sale
  5. School council to discuss with classes to get ideas
  6. Children to make and sell wristbands
  • If parents are having issues paying their £1 for non-uniform days they can speak to the class teacher.
  • Charalambous, our RE coordinator, shared the RE curriculum map with parents. Surveys were given to parents to gather feedback from them and their children on our current RE curriculum, these should be returned to the office by next Wednesday the 12th. If any other parents are interested in giving feedback, please speak to Ms. Charalambous in year 2. Ms. Charalambous is currently working with a team of RE specialists on developing the new RE curriculum for Newham.
  • Some parents have noted some concerns with workshops taking place in the school:
  1. Some parents who have signed up and taken a place do not arrive, therefore wasting a space – could this be followed with an explanation so as to avoid again?
  2. Occasionally parents are turning up when they have not been given a place in a workshop.
  3. When applying for a place in a workshop can it should be made clear if parents have or have not received a place as often application is successful but no place given.
  4. SLT to discuss if possible for some workshops to take place in the morning and afternoon for parents who cannot attend the afternoon session.
  • Teachers to keep their window updated with notices, as well as the current lunch menu, and remove old notices.
  • PTA to think about holding a coffee morning, possibly with the baking club, to get to know other parents and let parents know who they are.
  • SLT to discuss a concern where parents helping with school events are sending their older children to collect younger children but are not allowed.

The PTA would like parent to know that if they ever experience a difficult time, be it a bereavement, financial difficulties or any personal challenges, that they are here to support you as community members. Please speak to Ms. Shaw if you would like the PTA to help you if you ever have the need in the future.


Monday 30th March - Governors' Open Morning. From 9-9.30am parents, including the PTA, are invited to a meet and greet. 

March 4th 9:10am - next PTA meeting.                                                                                                                                       

March 4th 6-7pm – SRE Consultation meeting with parents

Minutes PTA meeting 04/12/19

  • We spent most of the meeting making arrangements for both the Community Christmas dinner and the Christmas Fair. The focus for the Christmas Fair was to get parents involved as last year the support was lacking. We also had a push on food donations and we can happily say that this year we had lots of food so thank you to all of you who donated, particularly the hot food. We had quite a lot of crisps and biscuits leftover so we donated them to a local food bank on Woodgrange Rd.
  • The Christmas Fair was a big success, raising just under £1200 for Richard House Hospice. They were extremely grateful and wanted me to thank all of the parents for helping with such a fantastic cause.
  • The Community Christmas dinner was also a success with mainly of the residents commenting on the excellent behaviour of the school council and what a fantastic day they had.
  • Addeel, our new PTA chair, thanked everyone for their votes and conveyed how he is looking forward to working together to support the school. He outlined some important guidelines to remember within our meetings –
  1. respect each other
  2. commitment
  3. planning and notice
  4. discretion – no individual names/families to be mentioned
  5. where possible, parents to discuss concerns with class teacher before bringing to PTA
  • We discussed what the role and purpose of the PTA is and will send out the finished definition to parents once we have finalised it.
  • The School Council and PTA are invited to meet the Governors at the Governors’ Opening Morning on March 12th at 9:10am. All parents are invited to attend and a letter will go out before the event.
  • No time to discuss appointment of deputy and secretary – to be discussed at next meeting.



Minutes PTA meeting 06/11/19

  • The school’s five strategic priorities were shared and explained by Ms. Samra:
    1. Clarify curriculum content, design and sequencing.
    2. Develop pupil voice in learning.
    3. Embed clear set of vision and values.
    4. Ensure vulnerable pupils achieve successfully.
    5. Extend pleasure and comprehension in reading.
  • A massive thank you to Junaid Ali and Addeel Khan, our candidates for the chair position on the PTA. Both presentations were well received and we appreciate the time that both have put in to prepare. PTA members and the leadership team will vote this week and we will share the results via ParentMail next week.
  • Once the chair has been elected the PTA will look again at the school’s strategic priorities and plan ways in which they can help the school to achieve them. With this in mind the role of the PTA will be clearly outlined and shared with parents.
  • Christmas dinner - the school council and PTA will be joining Green Street Community Neighbourhood Team to host a Christmas dinner for vulnerable elderly members of the community. If you would like to volunteer please let one of the PTA members know, you can find their picture on the school website under the PTA section as of tomorrow. Alternatively please let the office know so they can pass your details on to myself. You will need to be available on December 4th from 12pm – 3pm.
  • Parents are invited to attend an information/training afternoon on the school’s values which have been recently updated and shared with the children. They are referred to as the 5 Cs – care, character, confidence, creativity and challenge. Parents are encouraged to attend so they can understand what they are, why we chose them and how they can integrate them into the children’s daily lives at home as well as at school. This will be in the training rooms from 2pm – 3:15pm on November 20th.
  • The governing body member’s photographs will be updated after their next meeting on November 25th.  
  • We understand that not all parents can attend the morning PTA meetings so we have set two evening meetings. Please see below for the dates and times of the PTA meetings between now and April. These will all take place in one of our training rooms:
    1. December 4th 10:30am
    2. January 8th 6pm 
    3. February 5th 9:10am
    4. March 4th 6pm 
    5. April 1st 9:10am 
  • The PTA notice board needs to be updated more regularly and responsibility to be shared and allocated at the next meeting.
  • Parent suggestions:
    • fundraise for a defibrillator to be located on the school building and available to other community members
    • first aid course for parents
  • PTA members and other interested parents are invited to put themselves forward for the positions of deputy-chair and secretary at the next PTA meeting.

The next meeting will take place at 10:30am on December 4th. New members are always welcome. 




The next PTA (Parent Teacher Association) meeting takes place on Wednesday November 6th at 9:10am.

As well as discussing matters from the previous meeting, the candidates for the roles of ‘Chair’ and ‘Deputy-Chair’ will be sharing their reasons for running and what they hope to achieve within this role.

We are delighted to have two applications from Addeel Khan, a reception and soon to be nursery parent and Junaid Ali, a nursery parent, who are both running for the chair position. 

In terms of transparency the election process will involve the following steps:​

  1. ​Both of the prospective PTA chair candidates will expand on their statements and do a 10 minute presentation on 6th November at 9.10am and there will be opportunities to ask questions and further clarifications
  2. ​ All the members of the PTA will be sent a vote via email by Friday 8th November. Members of the PTA include the school's leadership team, current parents who are members of the PTA and new members who will attend on the 6th November.

We are looking for on-going commitment from PTA members since this will ensure that the PTA becomes a highly successful body, able to support the school's aims and vision. We would like to wish both of our potential committee members every success and look forward to seeing new and current members on Wednesday.