Reception Visit to Mudchute Farm

Our Reception Year group had an absolute blast on their trip to Mudchute Farm! The children immersed themselves in a whirlwind of animal encounters. From cuddly goats to majestic peacocks, they met over 10 different creatures, each one adding its own touch of magic to the day.

Feeding time was a riot as the kids giggled about the ticklish sensation of animal tongues on their hands, especially when the goats, sheep, and alpacas eagerly gobbled up their treats.

Amidst the hay and straw, we even stumbled upon adorable lambs and eggs, nature's way of signalling the arrival of Spring. Kudos to our little adventurers for their excellent behaviour throughout the journey—from bus rides to DLR train escapades and the final jaunt on foot.

A huge thank you to our wonderful parent helpers whose support made this outing extra special!

Here are some more of our favourite photos from the day. We hope to come back soon!