EYFS update

The nursery have settled in very well this term. They made a good start in their phonics and number work. They have been enjoying signing and are learning lots of new songs. This term they’ve been learning about autumn and have been adventuring out into the garden by collecting autumn leaves and exploring through smell and touch. We are very proud of our children who have worked very hard to settle into nursery. We thank the parents for their support and patience in settling their children as our main priority this term is making sure our children are happy and settled before they can start learning.

We look forward to next half term where we can see our little ones grow and learn even more and we are excited to work towards our Christmas assembly. Children in reception have been getting very creative! Some children made medals and trophies for each other and their families. Other have really got the hang of transient art where they create pictures and patterns out of everyday objects and natural materials. We are very proud of how quickly our reception children have settled into reception and responded to their new teachers and lessons