School Council

School Council

The pupils of Elmhurst select their class representatives annually. These pupils form the Student Council. The Student Council is 'the voice of Elmhurst students', and they are responsible for lobbying on behalf of pupils, for producing pupil media, for researching the issues that matter to Elmhurst pupils and for overseeing pupils' charitable and fundraising work.

The Student Council meets fortnightly and it is overseen by Mrs Watson.

School Council Mission Statement

  • We want to implement change to make our school even better.
  • We hope to create a safe and healthy learning environment.
  • We hope to give every pupil in our school a voice.
  • We will give full attention and support towards any pupils who have concerns of any kind.
  • We constantly set new targets for ourselves and work hard to achieve them.
  • We ensure also that all children in school have their voice heard by holding regular class council meetings.
  • At our fortnightly meeting, School Council will bring up important issues.

Members of Student Council

Head Boy and Head Girl:

Currently being recruited

Year 6

School Councillor Deputy School Councillor

Year 5

School Councillor Deputy School Councillor

Year 4

School Councillor Deputy School Councillor

Year 3

School Councillor Deputy School Councillor


We also have a number of prefects, who support the running of the school, and have duties such as uniform checks, recycling, wet play duty, tidying up the school office area and setting up assemblies.

Our prefects are as follows:

– Senior Prefect

6S Prefects

6CF Prefects

6T Prefects

6V Prefects


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