The answer is only the beginning.

- Chinese proverb

Our vision

E fficiency and depth

L ink knowledge with skills

M ind of a mathematician – What is the same? What is different?

H igher order thinking skills

U nderstanding and depth

R elationship spotting

S ystematic (step-by-step) approach

T esting predictions

We believe that we are all mathematicians in that we draw upon relevant and efficient mental, written calculations and informal recordings (jottings) to trace our thinking as fundamental tools to help with solving word problems and problem solving investigations. At Elmhurst we endeavour to equip our pupils with tools and skills so they can choose the most efficient method depending on the context of the problem.

Fluency in number through a sound conceptual knowledge of place value, the rapid recall of times tables up to 12 (by the end of year 4) and applying this to create related multiplication and division facts is at the heart of our vision to empower pupils to be proficient at number crunching.

The use of the bar model and focus on the use of varied representations in line with some of the teaching approaches from Shanghai helps to embed the depth in conceptual understanding as well as being confident with the procedural fluency.

Our learning-teaching approach is step-by-step and steers towards ‘mastery’ where the focus is on creating as many relationships and links between the skills and concepts – depth as opposed to acceleration.

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein


Elmhurst Primary School is the home of the London North East Maths Hub. We host regular open mornings to showcase the mastery approach to Maths learning. Please complete the form on our Maths Hub page if you wish to visit our school on one of the Open Mornings. 

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