Year 3 Visit the Science Museum & IMAX

Recently, Year Three had an exciting trip to The Science Museum. The children began their day on the District line travelling a huge twenty-one stops to South Kensington Station. Once they arrived at South Kensington, they climbed the steps to the very impressive Science Museum. First stop was the famous space exhibition and the classes were thrilled to see a full-sized replica of the Eagle—the lander that took legendary astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin to the Moon in 1969. The children then explored the Modern World gallery and some of the different vehicles on display. 

The Eagle has landed! Seeing the Eagle felt exciting, even though it was a replica of the real machine.

Next they made their way to the Imax Cinema in time for the film A Beautiful Planet. Everyone put on some really cool 3D glasses which made everything in the film feel like it was springing to life. During the film, it at really did feel like they were floating around in space! The stars and the Earth felt like they were so close that the children tried to grab them.

Astronauts of the future? The museum was an inspiring place to spend the day. 

Year Three got to see all the different biomes that they have been learning about in Geography and also learnt about how we need to look after our planet. It was a really special day and hopefully Elmhurst children will return to the museum very soon.