Year 4 London Zoo trip 

Year 4 London Zoo trip 


We are excited to share the wonderful experience Year 4 had during their recent visit to London Zoo, as part of our learning about, ‘Living things and their habits’ in science. With its rich history and commitment to conservation, London Zoo provided the perfect backdrop for an educational adventure.


The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some incredible animals. Year 4 pupils were captivated by the delicate beauty of butterflies, a magical moment of observation that left a lasting impression. The gorillas, with their slow and deliberate movements, intrigued and excited our young learners, offering a chance to appreciate the wonders of nature. The pupils were treated to the joyful spectacle of penguins gracefully swimming through the water. The children's faces lit up with excitement as they watched these aquatic birds navigate their habitat, a truly mesmerizing sight. While lions and tigers are not always the most active during daytime, observing them at rest was a unique and awe-inspiring experience. The lively monkeys provided a playful and dynamic backdrop to the trip. Our Year 4 pupils were delighted to watch these agile creatures jump and frolic around them, showcasing the boundless energy of the animal world. They returned with not only cherished memories but also a deeper appreciation for the incredible diversity of the animal kingdom. 


Some quotes after the trip from pupils:


“I thought seeing the tall giraffes was an illusion at first. I couldn’t believe they were right in front of me.” (Musab)


“I saw lots of animals that I didn’t even know existed like the Komoda dragon and I could see adaptation features on the animals, which we had learnt about at school.” (Sumaira)


“I think the zoo trip was exciting because some of the animals were cute, but some were scary.” (Mujtaba)


“ The London zoo was incredible! We saw gorillas in a jungle habitat and they looked so strong.” (Eshal)


After their exciting adventure, our students had the opportunity to reflect and discuss their experiences. This post-trip discussion was a valuable learning moment, allowing them to share their observations, insights, and newfound knowledge with their peers. It reinforced the educational value of the outing and encouraged open dialogue about the wonders of the natural world.