Madrid Art Trip

At the end of April, 18 lucky students from Year 5 were chosen to attend our annual art residential trip to a European capital. This year, it was Madrid in Spain! The children worked with our art consultant Andrew Mutter before, during and after the trip. His expertise always results in incredible pieces of work! Also on the trip was our Art Coordinator Miss Worthington and Assistant Head Ms Ahmed.

This year, the theme was Spanish food and flowers. The children enjoyed sketching paintings of flowers by American artist Georgia O’Keeffe in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. They were also fortunate to sketch one of the most renowned paintings of the 20th century in the Reina Sofia Museum, ‘Guernica’ by Picasso.

The children had lots of fun taking part in a cooking class which was taught entirely in Spanish! They worked hard to prepare a delicious three-course meal of tortilla, tarta de Santiago and paella. Another highlight of the trip was the evening of Flamenco dancing. Our children were lucky enough to take part in a workshop where they learnt the history of the art form which includes singing, folk guitar and dance. They were taught some Flamenco moves and were then invited to watch and take part in an authentic show!

The children loved the walking tour of Madrid’s famous landmarks which included the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor and Gran Via. One of the most exciting moments for the children was stopping to buy tasty churros with chocolate! After many fun-filled days, our students enjoyed returning to our hotel’s gorgeous roof terrace each day to have their art lessons with Mr Mutter. They also had a blast singing each night together, led by Mr Mutter who had brought his ukulele with him.

Sketching paintings of flowers by American artist Georgia O’Keeffe in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

A wonderful experience learning how to make traditional Spanish cuisine.

The Flamenco evenings was so interesting and so much fun.

It was special to have art lessons out and about in a fascinating city with a rich history.

In the vicinity of one of the most famous anti-war paintings in the whole world! A very special moment. 

The children had so much time and space to dedicate to developing their artistic practice. Mr Mutter has been a specialist art teacher for many years, so it was valuable for the children to spend so much time learning with him. 

The children enjoying ukulele sing alongs! 

It was a special experience that the children will remember happily for many years to come. We hope the children continue to develop as artists at Elmhurst and beyond.