Design and Technology is an inspirational and practical subject that is becoming increasingly technical, incorporating mathematics, science and computing with creativity.

At Elmhurst, Design and Technology link directly to the topics being taught allowing the children to have a proper sense of purpose; learning always becomes more meaningful when set in a tangible context.  In our ever-changing technological world, it is important that children understand the importance of designing and making purposeful, functional and innovative products that are appealing and authentic.

We encourage our children to be collaborative workers and critical thinkers, whilst exploring different techniques and developing essential skills in manipulating and securing various materials including paper, wood, fabrics and electrical components. From making free standing structures and hand puppets in Year One to moon buggies and burglar alarms further up the school,  our pupils are always engaged in designing and creating high quality products with a wide range of materials and specialist equipment.

The new curriculum has also placed a greater emphasis on food and nutrition. As a healthy eating school, we are proud that our children have the many opportunities access this through cross curricular lessons, as well as through specifically planned D&T units. The units are designed to encourage the children to think about balanced diets, their nutritional intake and also apply their learning at home to create various culinary delights, whether it’s making a fresh fruit salad, a healthy pizza or a mouth-watering rice dish.

We are always looking to further enrich our Design and Technology curriculum and often have workshops and consultants come in and get involved with our staff and pupils on various projects. We welcome experts with specialist knowledge and skills, including architects, designers and artists, to come work with us to educate and inspire our pupils.

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