Year 4 Green Street Library visit

Green Street Library visit: Year 4 Pupils Dive into Storytelling!


This Green Street library trip for year 4 was not just a routine visit; it was a creative exploration of storytelling that left our young learners inspired and eager to embrace the world of books and imagination.


During their visit, our pupils delved into the art of storytelling using props as their starting point. The children passed a variety of intriguing props to one another, each contributing their own unique twist to the developing story. What made this exercise so thrilling was the element of surprise; no one knew what would happen next as they skilfully weaved the narrative together. 


It was incredible to witness our young storytellers not only adding to the story, but also occasionally changing its direction entirely, making it an adventure in itself. Their creativity knew no bounds, and this made the experience all the more captivating. The children discovered the joy of including elements of comedy and adventure in their tales. Laughter filled the room as their imaginations ran wild. This exercise allowed them to explore different facets of storytelling, from humour to suspense, all in one thrilling session.


Our pupils frequently visit the Green Street Library, every half term with their teacher. These visits serve as a part of our ongoing efforts to instil a love for reading from an early age. However, what warms our hearts even more is the fact that many of these young readers also visit the library with their parents during their own time. It's a testament to the growing passion for reading within our school community.