Talk with Tom Bowden, CEO & Founder of TeaPro

As part of our Tea & Trade topic, Year 6s will be creating their own tea blend and designing their product packaging to appeal to customers. 


To better understand how to develop a tea brand, we invited Tom Bowden, CEO and Founder of TeaPro to talk to Year 6 via Zoom. Tom has created a monthly tea subscription service which delivers customers unique teas from around the world. 

Tom shared his expertise with our pupils, explaining how best to choose product packaging, identify a company name, design a logo, find and reach your target audience and market your brand.


Year 6 asked fantastic questions and were really impressed with Tom’s eco-friendly message and his pledge to use compostable packaging. Many of them also agreed that it is important to design a logo which stands out on the shelves.


Here’s what a couple of our Year 6s had to say about the talk:


Mithila, 6T “My favourite part of the talk was when Tom explained the logo - it’s a spiral and it keeps going on: just like a journey. I think that’s a really smart message!”

Daiwik, 6T “I like the way Tom uses different social media channels to market his company. He also knows how to adapt to a customer’s needs.”


Armed with ideas about how to design a unique product, we can’t wait to get to work on this project!