Year 6 Art Trip to Venice

18 lucky pupils are going to Venice from the 10th June to the 14th of June. Visit the blog during the week for regular updates and photos:

Final reminders for pupils:


  • Luggage: We are flying with EasyJet. You can take one rucksack onto the plane as hand luggage no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25cm. In addition to this we advise a small case with wheels for the rest of your belongings (please pack any liquid toiletries in this bag)which will go into the hold with a maximum weight of 15kg. You must be able to carry/pull this yourself!


  • Towels: Since the meeting we have been advised that children do need to bring a towel with them.


  • Timings: We will meet at 8am on Monday 10th June in the main reception. You mustn’t be late as we will not wait for you! We will return to school at around 8pm on Friday 14th June. You can collect your child from the main reception area. We will update the blog on our way back to keep you updated if there are any delays.