Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! Miss Robinson, the Year Head, is excited to be working with her team which includes Miss Ahmad, Mr Aspden, Mr Creighton, Miss Ford and support staff.

Year 5 is a year full of new opportunities from poetry retreats to learning how to swim. As they are growing up, a Puberty Talk will take place. We also want to encourage reading for pleasure by having a whole afternoon a week dedicated to this.

Below are some of the many exciting things pupils will be learning in the Autumn Term.

Mathematics: Pupils will be focusing on number and the four operations using Maths No Problem.

Literacy: Pupils will explore the Chinese culture and traditions and write an adventure story about Mai-Ling, a young girl who has to slay a dragon!

Science: Pupils will be deepening their understanding of states of matter and hey will be investigating the rate of dissolving.

History: Pupils will delve into the civilization of the Ancient Egyptians.

D&T: Linking the unit to the ancient Egyptians in history, pupils will me making their own papyrus paper and drawing their own Egyptian profile portraits.




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