Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Miss Robinson, the Year Head, is excited to be working with her team which includes Miss Ahmad, Mr Ellerby, Mr Furness and Mrs Kang.

Year 5 is a year full of new opportunities from art projects to learning how to swim. We also utilise the beauty of West Ham Park and use this as stimulus for writing projects and poetry. Because they are growing up, a Puberty Talk will also take place for our pupils in Year 5. At Elmhurst, we have a passion for reading and want to encourage reading for pleasure and create life-long readers so we have reading sessions dedicated to this.

Below are some of the many exciting things pupils will be learning this year across the curriculum:

Mathematics: Pupils will be using Maths No Problem scheme which encompasses all areas of maths.

Literacy: Pupils will explore the Chinese culture and Greek myths. They will be using personification in poetry, create non-chronological reports about Komodo dragons, write a recipe as well as making a speech.

Science: Pupils will be deepening their understanding of states of matter, voyage into space, understand the different forces in our lives and understanding changes in humans and animals. 

History: Pupils will delve into the civilization of the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks.

Geography: Pupils will become global citizens when learning about the environmental issues facing our precious planet and deepen their mapping skills and geographical understanding rural settlements in the UK and in Kenya.

D&T: Linking the unit to the ancient Egyptians in history, pupils will me making their own slipper as well as a moon buggy to accompany the Earth and Space unit.

Art: Pupils will create sculptures and focus on the brush techniques to create a London skyline. 

French: Pupils will learn how to describe what they like to do in their free time as well as practice conversational French in restaurant scenarios. 

Music: Pupils will learn how to play the recorder as well as learning the history of music. 

 R.E: Pupils focus on the importance of Muhammad in Islam, what other religions believe about God, The importance of Christmas for Christians and a topic about peace across religions. 

P.E: Pupils will learn how to play hockey, create dance routines, outdoor adventures and cricket.

 Computing: pupils will create their own game using Scratch as well as creating digital art and blogs. 

PHSE: An exciting new subject where we will follow a scheme called Jigsaw. The sessions focus on emotional, physical and mental well being. 

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