Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! Miss Robinson, the Year Head, is excited to be working with her team which includes Miss Sheth, Miss Reed, Mr Razza, Mr Aspden and support staff.

We have had a busy start to the Year and want to thank all of the staff and pupils for their hard work.

Below are some of the many exciting things pupils will be learning in the Spring Term.

Mathematics: Children are developing their knowledge of fractions. They will be comparing fractions as well as subtracting! We have also begun “journaling” where the children investigate and solve problems. The last investigation involved the Year 5 teachers eating and sharing food in different ways!

Literacy: Children will be writing persuasive speeches and present them to Mr Ahmed himself!

Science: Pupils will be continuing their work on Forces. They learnt a great deal at the Feel the Forces show at the Science Museum where Phil the Frog demonstrated different forces!

Geography: We are becoming Global Citizens. We will be learning how we are interdependent and how other people around the world have very different lives.

D&T: Linking the unit to the ancient Egyptians in history, Pupils have started making their very own slippers. Using needles and thread has been a tricky




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