Year 5 Trip to British Museum

Year 5 went to the British Museum to explore the plethora of Ancient Egyptian artefacts in the Egyptian Galleries. The trip brang the unit of work to life because the children were able to see the artefacts they had learnt about. 

Highlights of the visit included: real Egyptian mummies, both in and out of their sarcophagi; King Den’s sandal label which illustrates the power of the pharaohs and dates back to c. 3000BC; an enormous statue of Ramesses II, one of the longest ruling and most powerful emperors of the civilisation; and the Rosetta Stone, the key to unlocking our understanding of Hieroglyphics.

The children were in awe seeing the Rosetta Stone in real life. Quite a few children were shocked to see mummified bodies that were still preserved after 2000 years. It was amazing to see hieroglyphics up close but there was a temptation to touch them! Overall, the trip was a lesson they won't forget in a long time!


Usman (5A) has found an ancient Egyptian board game called Senet. This game was popular throughout the empire and was played by Kha and Meryt, an Egyptian couple whose lives we have studied within class.