Year 2 News: Chicks and Seaside Trip!

Year 2 have made some new fuzzy little friends recently. As part of our science topic on living things, we observed chicks hatching from their eggs and since then, we have been inseparable from them! Six chicks successfully hatched and we have enjoyed watching them adapt to life outside of their shells. We got to hold them and observe how they have changed in appearance and behaviour over the last ten days. Below are pictures of some of the many cuddles they received.

As an end of year treat, we went to Chalkwell to spend the day at the seaside. We were extremely lucky with the weather and had lots of fun splashing our friends and building sandcastles. We had our lunch on the beach and then went to get a yummy ice cream. Some of us ended up with more ice cream on our hands as it was melting so fast in the heat!