New Vision Trust Maths Day

On Friday the 29th of July, the New Vision Trust hosted a collaborative Maths day with 50 Year 4 pupils from the four primary schools in our MAT, which included Gallions, Vicarage, Nelson and Elmhurst. Initially, we broke the ice with pupils asking one another questions and recording similarities and differences on a three way Venn diagram.

Questions included:

  • Have you been watching the World Cup football?
  • Would you ever bungee jump?
  • Do you know your times table facts up to 12 at least?

Pupils from the four schools were mixed up into teams and they had to work together to earn points for perseverance, team work and explaining mathematical thinking. Teams rotated in a carousel of activities that included using playing cards to strategically order them to spell numbers out, times table games, football budgeting and arranging pentominoe pieces to create rectangles with certain areas.  

All staff present agreed that there was a real buzz throughout the training rooms as pupils from all schools worked extremely well in their teams to earn points. The winning team were awarded Rubix cubes as prizes and all participants received a certificate.

The visiting schools also had the opportunity to play with the equipment in our playground and we all had lunch together in our garden. It was really pleasing to see that during this time, pupils chose to talk and play with pupils from other school, which showed that friendships were developing.

We would like to thank our visitors and hope to replicate this event soon in the next academic year.