Moogsoft Media Launch at Lords Cricket Grounds

Elmhurst Primary School and one other London school were invited to the 'Moogsoft' media launch, in partnership with Capital Kids Cricket. Moogsoft will be bringing new features to the indoor tournaments, held at Lord's Cricket Ground- the home of cricket. Our children, Nasiha (6V) and Milan (6V) both gave interviews with BBC and Sky Sports, expressing their views regarding the new and exciting features. These features include live streaming and live commentary. Pupils at school will be able to support their teams, with children providing the commentary. Furthermore, pupils were able to see their prize for winning the upcoming tournament- the William Greaves Trophy.

In addition, the schools enjoyed a packed day, full of mixed games. The umpire for the game was a World Cup Winner of the Indian Women's team. The day proved hugely successful with pupils having the opportunity to visit Lord's, develop their skills, enjoy the sport and work towards securing a place in the school cricket team.