MFL - French

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

At Elmhurst pupils are taught French from year 3 to year 6. We aim to enable pupils to understand and communicate ideas, facts and feelings orally and in writing. Each half-term pupils are taught a new topic through which they develop their knowledge of French phonology, grammatical structures and vocabulary. A variety of strategies (for example songs, games and role-play) are employed to enable pupils to embed new vocabulary.

Although our focus is French, at Elmhurst we love all languages! This is demonstrated by the variety of language clubs available to pupils. As you walk around our school you will see signs in a variety of modern languages which reflect the amazing number of languages spoken at home by our pupils.

French Curriculum

Year 3 Curriculum Key vocabulary
Autumn Term - Greetings
- Introducing yourself (saying your name and age)
- Counting to 20
- French alphabet
- Colours
Comment ça va? Comment tu t'appelles?
Quel âge as-tu?
Spring Term - Fruits
- Answering the question: what would you like?
- Expressing likes and dislikes
- The date (includes numbers to 30, Days of the week, months, seasons)
Qu'est-ce que vous voulez?
Je voudrais ... J'aime ...
Je n'aime pas
Summer Term - Animal vocabulary
- Describing colour of animals
- Describing what animals can do (using verbs)
- Describe what you and others are wearing
Qui est au zoo?
Il est quel couleur?
Qu'est-ce qu'il sait faire? Qu'est-ce que tu portes?
Je porte ...


Year 4 Curriculum Key vocabulary
Autumn Term - Describing where you live
- Classroom stationary
- Classroom objects
Où habites-tu ?
J’habite à Londres.
Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans la classe?
Spring Term - Café items
- Transactional language in a café
- Expressing likes and dislikes
- Body parts
- Describe a monster
Une table pour deux.
L'addition, s'il vous plait.
parce que
Summer Term - Weather
- Compass points
- Rooms in a house
- Furniture in a house
- Describing what is in your room and where it is
Quel temps fait-il?
Il fait beau/Il fait mauvais
La maison
Chez moi


Year 5 Curriculum Key vocabulary
Autumn Term - Describing your brothers and sisters
- Children read a French story and then write their own which they share with Year 3/4.
As-tu des frères ou des sœurs?
je vois
il y a
Spring Term - Food
- Transactional language for a restaurant
- Hobbies
- What do you like doing?
Bonjour monsieur/madame
Le menu
Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire?
Summer Term - French school routine
- Subjects at school and explaining your preferences
- Places in a town
- Giving directions
Ma matière préférée Bonjour, excusez-moi, mais je suis perdu(e)!


Year 6 Curriculum Key vocabulary
Autumn Term - Describing others
- What's the time?
- Describing the time you complete activities
C'est qui?
Quelle heure est-il?
Spring Term - Revising transactional language for purchasing
- Role play being in a café, restaurant, newsagent, market
- Describing daily routines
ensuite Quelles sont tes routines quotidiennes?
Summer Term - Describing what you did last weekend and what you will do this weekend
- French culture
- Methods of transport
- Where did you go on holiday?
Qu'est-ce que tu as fait pendant le weekend?
Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire ce weekend? les vacances d’été

Paris trip

Between 23rd - 26th June 18 Year 4 children will be visiting Paris! We have an amazing array of activities to do and sights to see. Amongst other things we will be visiting the Eiffel Tower and buying fruit and vegetables at a market! Following their trip, the children will be holding a presentation event to share what they have learnt whilst in Paris.

French Club

From November, Ms Tidmarsh is holding a French club for Year 4 children on Tuesday at 3:30pm. During this time the children learn lots of useful phrases and questions that will help them to speak French when they go to Paris!

French Plays

In June 2019 the children in KS2 took a "ticket pour l'espace​" and enjoyed a play performed by actors in English and French. The fun story included lots of French vocabulary and phrases aimed for children learning French. Lots of our children got involved in the show and spoke French with confidence. C'était super!​

French Days

Every year classes in KS2 celebrate language learning in a French Day! This celebration involves lots of fun games related to colours, numbers, dates and greetings as well as plenty of role-play opportunities where children can "buy" their own delicious French food.

Your teachers love French!

In March 2020 four teachers will spend a week learning French in Lyon. They are using this knowledge to help them teach other teachers and ensure our pupils have great French lessons!​

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