The answer is only the beginning. -

Chinese proverb

Our vision

fficiency and depth

ink knowledge with skills

ind of a mathematician – What is the same? What is different?

igher order thinking skills

nderstanding and depth

elationship spotting

ystematic (step-by-step) approach

esting predictions

We believe that every child is a mathematician.

All children at Elmhurst follow the Maths No Problem scheme which is based on a number of teaching approaches from Shanghai but developed for the English national curriculum. The scheme encourages pupils of all ages to use concrete resources to explore the problems they are trying to solve. The aim is to build mathematicians who can represent, understand and solve problems in a variety of ways.

Here at Elmhurst, we learn to become fluent in using both mental and written methods to solve calculations. We use informal recordings (jottings) and journaling to explain and explore our thinking in solving problems. It is important that our pupils have the right skills to choose the most efficient method to solve any problem they are faced with.

Number fluency (being able to manipulate and use numbers in different ways) is an extremely important skill for all areas of maths. This comes from a rapid recall of times table facts up to 12x12 (by the end of year 4) and the ability to use known facts to find answers to questions we might not yet have the answer to.

Key Stage 1 use Numbots to practise their numbers bonds and Key Stage 2 use Times Table Rockstars to practise their times- table 


We encourage all the children to play on these daily if the possible.

In line with some teaching approaches in Shanghai, pupils use the bar model to visualise and understand problems. This enables them to explore a range of representations and methods and allows then to embed a deeper conceptual understanding alongside their number fluency.

Our learning-teaching approach is step-by-step and steers towards ‘mastery’ where the focus is on creating as many relationships and links between the skills and concepts – depth as opposed to acceleration.


"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." - Albert Einstein

Elmhurst Primary School is the home of the London North East Maths Hub. 

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