Lovely message from an ex pupil - from 1949!!

"A casual search brought me to your excellent web page. I left Elmhurst Primary School in 1949. I passed the 11+ exam (barely) and went to Stratford Grammar School. At the time I lived on Skelton Road.
My memories of the school are both good and bad. The school practiced a Victorian standard of discipline and corporal punishment. But my enduring memory is of the quality of education I received. I was bright but shy and one teacher, a Miss Rivers, saw potential in me and cajoled and encouraged me to do well. Initially, I failed the dreaded 11+ exam. Miss Rivers was having none of that and badgered the examiners to retest me. I graduated from Stratford Grammar School in 1954. I had taken A levels but was not able to qualify for a University Place. Nevertheless, I was the recipient of some small prizes for achievements in Technical Drawing at the Stratford Grammar School year end, convocation. Much to my surprise my old Elmhurst teacher Miss Rivers showed up to congratulate me and said “I knew you could do it”. I am in my 80th year now but I am still touched by that memory. By this time, I was living in Basildon, my family having moved there in 1952. We were one of the first families in the New Town.  I took a job with Shell Petroleum and obtained a Higher National Certificate in Chemistry from Southend Technical College. I emigrated to Canada in 1962 and have had a successful career in government and industry primarily focussed on environmental protection and technology development. I owe much of my success from that early grounding in the love of knowledge that I received at Elmhurst and Stratford. Britain has changed much since my time and West Ham (Newham) has changed demographically in consort with that change. None the less, I would send my grandchildren or great grand children to Elmhurst in a heart beat. Your school carries on the legacy of teachers like Miss Rivers to a new generation of bright and engaged young Britons.
Best Regards,"
Richard A. Abbott, Class of 1949​