Elmhursts's trip to Kenya!

Miss Robinson and Mr Ahmed had the fantastic opportunity to go to Kenya as part of the Connecting Classrooms Project. 9 schools in London were partnered up with schools in Kenya to launch a zero waste project to tackle the global goal of Climate Action.

Elmhurst was partnered up with Obisa Primary School and Miss Robinson taught alongside the teachers at Obisa. She taught English, Maths and Geography. She had a group of children to write letters to a senator, a governor and even the president of Kenya to urge them to support them in tackling environmental issues such as plastic pollution.

Obisa Primary school is in a rural settlement and built on a steep hill. The school is surrounded by luscious trees and crops. Obisa even grow their own fruit which include ‘popo’ papaya, avocado and bananas.  The school children at Obisa were very excited and humbled to have visitors and we hope for this partnership to continue in the following years.

The teachers of Obisa will be visiting Elmhurst in June and we eagerly await their arrival to show them our school and carry on the zero waste projects.