Election Debate


While adults across the country cast their ballots in last week's general election, Elmhurst's debaters also grappled with the future of the nation.


In recognition of the momentous vote, Samiha, Siya, Mansimrose, Aliza, Nazeef and Elmhurst's head boy Ammar from year six, as well as Afaq and Tasnuba from year five, argued over whether to reduce the legal voting age to ten, in front of a rapt audience of year fives.


The contest seemed to centre around two points of contention: firstly, whether children could cope with the pressure of voting and secondly, whether children could act more responsibly than adults currently do. Miss Samra acted as judge as praised the quality of the debate and the skill of the children. In the end, she awarded the day to the opposition. This was mirrored in the audiences estimation, with two-thirds of the children prior to the debate believing the voting age should be reduced, but this went down to just half after the discussion.


The audience's floor questions were also very impressive, with the best speeches - rewarded with a tasty chocolate prize - coming from Sianna and Ady in year five and focusing on the psychological impacts voting may have on children.


It was brilliant to see the some of last year's debaters back in action, Siya, Mansimrose, Nazeef and Ammar were all part of the team that was ranked fourth in London, while Samiha was a key figure in the squad that came second nationally. Perhaps even more exciting, however, was seeing new talent come to the fore, with Aliza, Afaq and Tasnuba all competing in their first major debates outside of debating club but doing incredibly well.