Book Trust and ITV Visit

On Wednesday 12th September reception children had a very special visit from an author and illustrator, Marta Altés. She has written lots of books including a story called Little Monkey about a monkey who is fed up with being told she can’t do things because she’s too little! She goes on a great, if sometimes scary, adventure.

During the visit Marta read Little Monkey to the children and then led some arts and crafts activities, which included making amazing monkey necklaces! Afterwards all the children received their own copy of the story to take home and read with their families.

The visit was organised to celebrate the BookTrust’s ‘Time to Read’ campaign which sees every reception child in the country receive a free book. Making time to read with your children every day is so valuable; it not only means that they will do better in school (even in subjects like Maths) but it is also a time to bond and have lots of fun together! Book trust made a fantastic video all about their visit too!

We were so pleased to be able to host ITV News during this visit, with our pupils appearing on the news programme. Thanks to Miss Breakwell for organising this and thanks to Miss Vadher for being part of the filming process!