Black History Assembly 2018

How carnival culture came to Britain through the West Indies Migration

On Tuesday 30th January, Year 3 did an amazing job performing on the stage for their Black History assembly. The children showed off their public speaking, dancing and acting skills and impressed all the teachers with their dedication to learning their lines and needing very little stage direction! 

They recreated the vibe of the Notting Hill Carnival, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in August 2017. Along with that, other highlights included recreating the news broadcast of when the Empire Windrush ship arrived with the 480 immigrants from the West Indies in June 1948. Hasan Ahmed, from 3T even performed a solo of the song ‘London is the place for me’. As well as exploring what the West Indian migrants experienced when they arrived in areas of London such as Clapham South and Brixton, we also celebrated the multicultural Britain we live in through Benjamin Zephania’s poem ‘The British’.

His message ‘Give justice and equality to all’ was a great way to end our assembly.