Elmhurst win through to the Essex Cricket League Finals


Well done and a huge congratulations to both our all-girls team and all-boys team for winning their respective borough competitions which was held at West Ham Park on Thursday 06th June 2019.As borough winners, they will both compete at the Essex League Finals in the coming weeks. 

The girls team led by Nasiha Khan (6V), consisted of Kulsum Siddiqi (6V), Mary Ogunde (6P), Daania Kaahar (6T), Asiya Ravat (5R), Aliza Ahmed (5A), Iman Iqbal (5ER), Mila Westhuyzen (5ER), Laiba Ahmed (5ER) and Onuva Siddiqi (5RS). With five new members on the team, it was down to the more experienced players to lead by example and set the pace in games. Collectively, the team worked great in the field and excellent bowling meant early wickets! An impressive five out of five games, and the team were crowned Newham Outdoor Champions 2019! Well done and a huge congratulations to the all-girls team on their achievement - a feat the school has never managed before - you should be proud of yourselves!

The boys team led by Ahsan Tahir (6T), consisted of Muhammed Raheem (6T), Viret Attwal (6V), Darsh Parikh (6V), Muhammad Ali (6V), Ansuman Parida (6V), Neelraj Pothiwala (6P), Husnain Shezad (5R), Adeeb Siddiq (5R) and Vansh Trivedi (5A). 

The team managed to put opposition under pressure with consistent bowling and sharp fielding - Viret Attwal (6V) stunned batsman with a keen eye for early stumping. Though each batting pair was only allowed to face a maximum of 12 balls between them, the team collectively dominated the batting side of things. Each game, the team produced a scintillating display of fours and sixes. A phenomenal team performance and a much deserved crown, well done!