Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Our teachers are Mrs Ali (Head of year), Miss O’Toole, Miss Weaver and Miss Wheatley.

This year is an extremely important one, as at the end of the year we will be completing the KS1 SATS. Children will complete tests in reading, maths (reasoning and arithmetic) and SPAG (spelling and grammar). To prepare children we ask for them to read regularly at home and ensure that they have understood what they have read. We also ask that they regularly practise spellings and key skills in maths such as times tables and number bonds to prepare them for the tests.

Our curriculum is very varied and children enjoy many new experiences in Year 2.

Poetry Recital

We were so impressed by the enthusiasm our pupils showed towards learning their poems. They spoke so clearly and confidently and they made us very proud. We even had a couple of individual performances. We had so much fun preparing for this and we are enjoying our pupils' renewed love of poetry.

Number Bonds Competition

Year 2 recently had their number bonds competition in order to showcase their knowledge of number bonds up to 20. Three representatives from each class were chosen to answer a series of questions in order to score points for their team.

2A vs 2RW – 2A won

2W vs 2OT – 2W won

Final Round

2A vs 2W - 2W won

We wanted to say a huge well done to all of our pupils who have put in lots of effort to learn their number bonds to 20 and an extra special well done to 2W who were the overall winners of the competition.

Natural History Museum Trip

Year 2 were explorers and palaeontologists for the day! We observed animals in their natural habitats and we learnt lots of fun facts about the now extinct Stegosaurus. This trip was planned in order to enhance our learning and understanding of living things.

World Book Day

We went to Newham Bookshop to redeem our £1 book tokens. We were spoilt for choice! Our bookshop friend read us not one, but two stories! We were captivated as you can see.


Our school has signed up to a fantastic maths resource that pupils can use at home. MyMaths is a website where teachers can assign specific tasks to their pupils to help them practise the skills that they have been working on in class. All of the activities cover objectives from the national Curriculum. Each year 2 pupil has an account and the details for that are in the MyMaths letter that has been sent out by teachers. It is a great tool for parents and teachers to see how much the children understand different concepts when they are away from the classroom. Teachers can track how their pupils are doing and can use this information to inform them of any misconceptions that need to be addressed.

If you have lost the letter containing your child’s account details then please speak to the class teacher who can issue these to you again.


Parent Reading Sessions - We welcome parents into our classrooms to read with us during Parent Reading from 9 o'clock until 9:20 on Thursday mornings. Reading regularly with your children helps to develop their love of reading! We look forward to seeing you there!

Homework – This is given out on Fridays and usually consists of 1 literacy, 1 maths and 1 spelling based activity. In addition, pupils are encouraged to complete their reading diary over the weekend to comment on the books they are reading at home. Homework is due in on Mondays.


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