Year 1

Welcome to Year One

We are a hard working team who focus on learning whilst having fun!

This year's Year 1 teachers are Mrs Karim, Mrs.Kang, Mrs. Nessa and Miss Patel. We are dedicated and passionate about children's learning and development. Year 1 is the beginning of more focused, written work and although it's always hard for the children's transition from Reception, we believe that with hard work, patience and dedication we can make that transition easier. We are very proud of our children and amazed by all that they have achieved so far. We believe that they can only get better.

We appreciate the input that parent's have in their children's learning and we are trying to extend opportunities for this to occur within school. We have lots of upcoming events, so be sure to check them out!

In Year One we love reading and listening to stories. We are working really hard to learn all our sounds to help us read. Our year group try to make sure that we read every night to help our reading develop. Come into our classrooms and have a look at our favourite story displays.

Every Thursday morning we have a parents reading morning for 20 minutes. We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible into our classes to read with us!

Castle share day

As a way to celebrate the end of our history unit, we invited parents to join in with lots of castle activities such as fencing, and making shields, castle role-play and making crowns. The children enjoyed showing the parents all that they have learnt.

Maths Tournament

Our children participated in a very challenging maths tournament where our classes competed against each other to answer various maths problems. It got quite competitive but was lots of fun. The winners this time were class 1K, but all the children did very well.

Eid share day

In R.E we learn about different religions and their celebrations. Eid has been one of the first celebrations that the children participated in. We encouraged parents to join in with our feast and activities such as henna painting, Arabic writing and card making. We all dressed up and the atmosphere was amazing.

We are looking to plan another religious celebration very soon.

See our picture gallery to check all the brilliant things that we have been learning.


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