Year 5

Year 5

Important updates

The Year 5 Team; Miss Sheth, Miss Loveland, Mr Razza, Miss Bham and support staff, would like to welcome you to our Year 5 page.

Below are some of the many exciting things pupils are engaged in throughout the spring 1 term.

Mathematics: Children are developing their understanding and strategies using all four operations, including multi-step word problems. Pupils follow the enriching 'Maths No Problem' curriculum while we've also initiated the Times Tables Rockstars as a trial.

Well done 5L for winning the competition!

Literacy: Children have been exploring different types of poetry and the range of features we expect to see.

Science: Pupils are learning about the links between mass, weight and gravity, comparing the three on the Moon with the Earth. Moreover, pupils have learnt about displacement of water, density and resistance. The concepts have been supported with whole class, grouped and independent investigations.

History: As part of Black and Asian History Week, children have been learning about Hindustan and the partition that led to India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan. Children also learn how Bangladesh obtained their independence.

Geography: We are learning what it means to be a global citizen and what rights we have as children and citizens in this country, compared to other countries.

D&T: Linking the unit to the ancient Egyptians in history, pupils are producing Egyptian slippers, developing their finer motor skills- learning the blanket and running stitch.

French: Our pupils are developing their confidence speaking and writing French with our carefully planned units. Recently, children have completed writing their own haunted castle story. Currently, they're learning about food and the types of conversations we may have in-store.

ECAM: Our students continue with ‘Every Child is a Musician’ scheme. Once a week, children are learning to play a kooky array of instruments - trumpet, viola or clarinet - receiving lessons from professional musicians.

Computing: Using Scratch, pupils work collaboratively to produce their own game. In doing so, pupils develop their understanding of coding.

Swimming: 5S go swimming on Monday while 5B go on Friday.

Parent Workshop

Year 5 study group parents attend a workshop on MyBookBlog, reading and comprehension, SPAG and support with maths websites. Miss Sheth (Head of Year 5) read aloud a beautifully-illustrated picture book called 'Lost and Found' which was followed up with several comprehension questions. We hope you've taken a lot away from the session and thank you for you ongoing supporting outside of the classroom. Together, we can unlock and maximise each child's potential.

Thank you to all parents and carers for attending.


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