We at Elmhurst love geography.

An exciting subject, that lets our children become explorers, enquirers, environmentalists and global citizens.

Geography is powerful subject to help us understand the world we live in and feed our thirst for enquiry. At Elmhurst we achieve this deep understanding by exploring physical environments, human interactions and how humans interact with the physical environments. We are lucky to live in a diverse world so should utilise the opportunity to explore and engage with our world at school to learn to appreciate, connect and protect the world we live in.

Geography at Elmhurst goes beyond colouring in maps! It is important for our children to understand how our world works and how the issues the world faces can affect us. Geography lessons force us to think about the big questions that children may ponder such as how does the weather work? Why do earthquakes occur? How has climate change affected us? How can we become global citizens?

This Year at Elmhurst we will be focusing on raising the profile of the subject through a whole school fieldwork event at West Ham Park which well enable our pupils to explore their local environment and develop skills that can be transferred to every day life. We will also be entering the Royal Geographical Society Young Geographer of the Year competition where pupils will create a poster describing the geography of their favourite place. Return to this page in November to see the best entries!


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