English Hub

We are delighted that Elmhurst Primary School has been named as one of 32 English Hubs appointed by the Department for Education. We have appointed an English Hub Lead to drive this exciting project - please direct enquiries about the English Hubs programme to Clara Breakwell. We will officially launch our offer of support for 2018-19 and beyond on the 7th February 2019.

Support this academic year will consist of the following:

 1) Showcase events - sharing best practice in phonics, early language development and reading for pleasure for up to 85 schools

 2) Bespoke school support - action planning and development work over 2-3 days per school for up to 40 schools

 3) Funding - up to £6000 for those who meet the eligibility criteria, £3000 match funding for other schools to purchase phonics resources or training

For next year we will be recruiting literacy specialists who will be recruited in the new year for a September 2019 start in their roles;  additional training will be provided for these specialists. These specialists will support 4 schools each for 6 days per school.

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Please find more information about the English Hubs programme on the DfE press release